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Ben Poppleton Seminar

New years resolutions have never been my strong points to be honest. From what I can gather they more or less involve giving up something which brings you pleasure or forcing yourself to do something that doesn't bring you pleasure. However, I will always make them without fail. In order to still be able to drink whenever I wanted and dodge going to the gym at leisure, I decided that the new year resolution would be to go to one jiu-jitsu seminar a month, a kind of extracurricular way of spicing up my Gracie learnings.

My first port of call was checking out where they were and who was running them, Facebook holds wisdom like no other when it comes to this kind of stuff. After sussing out a few seminars and doing some research I found a chap by the name of Ben Poppleton who is a well respected black belt and was the first Brit to be awarded a black belt by a Gracie. His seminar was on the butterfly guard system and was to be hosted at the tropical paradise that is Cannock, a small …

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